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More Than A Year On The Road....Is It What We Expected?

We've been full time in our RV for over 13 months. Full time isn't for everyone. There are positives and negatives that have to be considered.
For us, the positives were that we could travel at our own pace and see the beauty that this country has to offer while we're still young and healthy. We could visit places together and share the experience as a couple, and meet new friends along the way. We didn't have to worry about a schedule or worry about upkeep on a house while we traveled. We also didn't have the financial burden of owning property while spending time and money on the road.
The negatives – most of our family, including half our grand kids, live in the Eastern Washington area. Traveling full time meant we wouldn't be there for holidays, birthdays and kids sporting events. Owning a home is the “American Dream”. It is supposed to help us build wealth as we age. Owning an RV is not a wealth building process. An RV and associated vehicles…