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Holiday Videos

This is our first winter traveling full time in our RV.  We stayed in Phoenix for a couple of weeks before traveling to Texas to spend Christmas with Jeremy, Rachelle and the kids.  While in Arizona we were very impressed with the way the snowbirds decorated their homes for the winter.  Evening after evening we took our walk and finally decided it might be fun to create a video of the beautiful decorated we did!

You can see it here.  
We also took a tour of the Desert Botanical Garden while in Arizona.  We didn't know what to expect, but we really enjoyed the tour.  They have thousands of twinkling lights and added LED lights synced to music to come up with a really nice display for the holidays.   We'll put that video up shortly after Christmas.

We traveled from the "dry heat" of Arizona to north Texas.  Christmas time can be hectic and crowded, and we found that to be true and magnified with more people and concrete!  Cars and people everywhere.  Thankf…