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We Lost a Good Friend Today

I lost my friend today....our dog Jake.

Jake came to our family when we bought a ranch north of Spokane.  We figured that since we had a ranch we needed to supply it with all kinds of critters!  We did a lot of reading about dogs and their character since this was our first dog.  We knew we didn't want a fu-fu dog on a ranch and we wanted one smart enough to help us with the horses.  We decided on a border collie after quite a bit of research on different breeds.  We visited a breeder north of town and initially thought one dog would do the trick.  We looked at all the puppies and decided on one (Max) but couldn't quite take our minds off one of his we bought two!  We took Max and Jake home with us and immediately became attached.  They were playful pups and really, really cute.

At six months old Max decided to chase a deer into the woods and came back limping on three legs.  We took him to the vet and they amputated his right rear leg saying he must have been h…

Our YouTube Interview and Spending Time With Friends

We were blessed to spend time with our friends Trent and Siobhan Walker from Everyday Family Adventure.  They were on their way to Hawaii for their missionary schooling and stopped in Spokane to spend time with us.  Trent asked us if we would be willing to sit down and spend some time on camera to create an interview for their channel, which we were more than willing to comply!  They released the video on their YouTube channel and you can see it here.

It was a lot of fun spending time with the Walkers and their good friends the Easterly's.  We spent time praying, worshiping, laughing and just hanging out.  We invited them to accompany us after Sunday service to help feed the homeless at a local Christian Center and they said they would be happy to help serve.  All five of their kids and the family of five Easterly's graciously helped us serve at The City Gate. 

Trent and Siobhan have been traveling full time in their RV for more than 2 years and have documented their journey t…