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Selling The Ranch, Downsizing and Finding a Car

We finally did it.  Selling the ranch is stressful.  So many things to get done.  And if the selling process isn't enough, the thought of "purging" to get to a simpler life is very stressful.  We listed the property for sale on a Friday and accepted an offer on Monday.  That's when the stress started to build!  Once you think it's done, the "small" things start to build - the appraisal, the inspection, when can we expect to close...and the list goes on.

One of the things that always seems to come up in conversation is "where are you going to live?"  Another is "what are you going to do with your stuff?"  Both are very good questions, but as most of you know by now, we are living in our DRV Mobile Suites 5th wheel.  Through God's grace and mercy we completed the process and hit the road.

Our first stop was to attend the HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) rally in Boise, Idaho.  This was the first time we were able to attend one of these rally…