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Get Media Notifications

We're learning as we go!  We have finally discovered how to subscribe to our media posts....IF you are interested.  If not, that's fine because we are really doing this for ourselves.

If you want to follow this blog:

1.  Enter your email address in the upper left corner of the main page, then select "get email notifications"

2.  You will be prompted to enter an - I am not a robot - code.

3.  Once you enter the code you will get an email from Feedburner email subscriptions with a link that you have to click, and you're done!  Each time we publish a new blog post you'll get an email telling you that it has been posted.

If you want to follow our YouTube channel:

1.  Go to this (Link) and select the "Subscribe" button on the right side of the page.

2.  If you want to be notified of all new videos that we produce click the bell icon next to the "subscribed" button.

3.  A new window will pop up and then check the box "send me all notificat…


We are trying to connect with family and friends to show what's going on while we travel....and what better way than YouTube!  We've produced a few videos up to this point and the learning curve is steep.  Here are a few links to our videos to date and more to follow:

This was our first video on the road.  We had just picked up our new 5th wheel and were spending some time on the Oregon Coast trying it out:

Oregon Highway Florence to Newport

We arrived in Newport, Oregon and thought we'd try videoing ourselves:

Whalers Rest RV Park - Florence, OR

We left the northwest in March and shot some video through Montana and Texas:

Montana to Texas

While visiting Jeremy and Rachelle we took a day to visit downtown Ft. Worth:

Spring in Ft. Worth

All in all it's been fun learning how to shoot and produce videos.  We're doing this not only to stay in touch with family and friends but also to remember our memories while traveling.  The videos will get better as we go...I promise!