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RV Maintenance

It's all a part of RVing....maintenance and repairs.  Fortunately our coach is still new enough that we have warranty left.  Most of our warranty items are small "fit and finish" type of stuff, but our refrigerator has not worked correctly since we purchased the coach.

We arrived in Junction City, Oregon on Monday night.  The repair center is nice enough to allow customers to stay in their adjacent parking lot free of charge and hook up electricity and water.  There is a dump station on site if holding tanks get full.

Our appointment was scheduled for Tuesday morning at 10:00 am, so we checked in across the street and our service adviser looked over our list.  After they pulled the coach into the shop to start repairs we were told that they couldn't get everything done by 5:00 pm.  They said we could stay in the coach that night while in the shop but needed to be out by 8:00 am the next morning to allow the workers access the next day.  The service adviser called Wed…