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Thousand Trails

While on the road there is always the decision of where to stay the night.  We have tried most....from ultra nice RV parks to "boondocking" at Walmart or Cabelas.

Last year we took the chance to join Thousand Trails.  This is a membership based organization that charges you a yearly fee and allows you to stay at their member parks without charging a nightly fee. It's not a bad deal but as we discovered you need to do your research to see if their campgrounds align with your travel plans.  Our membership included Texas, which is where we are currently visiting.  There are seven Thousand Trails parks in Texas and we were able to adjust our plans to stay in a few and are currently south of Dallas/Ft. Worth at Lake Whitney.

Lake Whitney is a nice enough park with plenty of space between the sites and numerous trees.  They have hiking trails, a pool and hot tub, playground, tennis courts, horse shoe pits and volleyball.  All have club houses that offer wifi and usually laund…

Churches across America

The first thing I want to say is how blessed Jim and I are to be able to travel around Oklahoma and all throughout Texas and being able to spend time with our kids Rachelle, Jeremy and CJ and of course our two handsome grandsons Korbin and Kolton.

With that said we decided while on our adventure that we would find a church in each town we travel to and attend one with our same beliefs and we have not been diappointed! We have been to some pretty great places like Forest Hill Christian Church (our friend Ron's church) and Calvary Chapel in Oklahoma city, New River Fellowship and Grace Fellowship  (our daughter Rachelle and her family's church) in Paradise, Texas to Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. At Oak Hills church we were blessed to listen to their Senior Pastor Max Lucado who is on Christian television and author of several books.

Seven churches in all, seven beautiful congragations of God loving brothers and sisters who have the freedom to Worship our Father in heav…

The Challenges of Being On The Road

Traveling on the road brings a whole list of challenges....what do we want to see?  Where do we stay?  Is our equipment working properly?  Yesterday was one of those challenges.

We have had issues with our refrigerator.  The temperatures have been rather warm (in the 80s and 90s) since we moved south.  Our RV refrigerator has had problems keeping up with the warm much so that we've noticed the temperature reach 45 degrees.  The coach is fairly new and is under warranty, so we called a number of repair facilities to try and get an appointment to look at the refrigerator as well as some other minor cosmetic issues that need repair under warranty.  It's now May and we called four different service facilities only to be told that they were 40 to 60 days out on appointments.  Needless to say we will be home by that time, but we were able to speak to a tech that walked us through troubleshooting on the fridge and it seems that it fixed the issue.

We installed a Tire P…

Travel Day

We left south Texas Saturday morning and headed north.  The weather was supposed to be hot on Saturday so we got up early and tried to beat the heat.  For the most part we were successful....we left the park around 9:00 am but it was still 78 degrees with a steady wind.

We left the valley a little sad.  We sure enjoyed our time visiting with our new friends and thoroughly enjoyed the area....we will be back!  As we left town we noticed a few fruit stands on the side of the road selling oranges, grapefruits and water melons, but we didn't stop since we really didn't have any room to store more food.  The roads out of the valley were good and we were able to cruise along at 65 mph while watching everyone pass us since the posted speed is 75.  We made good time to San Antonio but were reminded of city traffic even though it was a Saturday.  The GPS took us into the city to interchange from I-37 to I-10....yikes!  We exited and immediately made a hard right turn.  It was such a sh…