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Hand and Foot

We were blessed with some new friends yesterday, Al and Marge.  They have been full timing in a New Horizons 42' fifth wheel for almost 3 years and started their journey from Philadelphia, PA.  They have rented a spot here in Ratama Village for the winter months and then move on in the summer to travel this great country of ours.

As we were talking with them they were giving us some of the details of what happens in the winter around the Village.  They went on and on about all the activities that they partake in while here and invited us to their Thursday night "Hand and Foot".  As we were walking back to our coach we decided it might be a way to meet some more people from the Village....but were confused as to what Hand and Foot was.  Was it a board game?  Was it a version of Twister?  We hadn't showered today....would our smelly feet be a problem?!?

When we arrived at the community center we were met by a new friend, Tim.  Tim asked if we were there for Hand and F…

Retama Village

Retama Village is a 55+ development in the Rio Grande valley in south Texas.  We've never really looked into a "retirement" community before, but we've found this one to be well planned and laid out.

There are five types of "homes" within the community.  The basic lot is for RVs and are 40' wide and 80' deep.  They come standard with concrete driveways and full RV hookups (electric, water and sewer).  There is a "coach house" on each lot.  The original coach houses were 12X20 and framed in with washer/dryer rough in as well as bathroom fixture rough in.  The newer upgraded coach houses are 12X24 and the extra four feet really make a difference.  Some of the coach house owners kept the building unfinished for storage but many have finished off the inside to accommodate a full bathroom with W/D as well as tile floors and sheet rock.  We've looked at a number of them and most are tastefully finished.

The second type of lot is referred to…

Our First Blog Attempt

This is our first attempt at writing a blog.  We're not sure what the difference is between a blog and facebook....but here goes.

As most of you know we've been on the road traveling since March 13th.  We started the journey driving to Oklahoma to get some work done on our new Mobile Suites 5th wheel.  Things went well so we moved on to Oklahoma City to visit with CJ.  After a few days visiting we moved on to the DFW area and visited with Jeremy and Rachelle.

We had a great time with them....but had to move back to the service center for another round of fixes on the 5th wheel.  Since we were back in Oklahoma we visited with CJ again.  He's really busy studying so we didn't get as much time with him as we would have liked, but it was fun anyway.

Randy and Meg have been on the road for just short of a year and we really wanted to spend some time with them so we moved on to Arizona....what a great time!  It was really nice to see them again and we're looking forward…