More Than A Year On The Road....Is It What We Expected?

We've been full time in our RV for over 13 months. Full time isn't for everyone. There are positives and negatives that have to be considered.
For us, the positives were that we could travel at our own pace and see the beauty that this country has to offer while we're still young and healthy. We could visit places together and share the experience as a couple, and meet new friends along the way. We didn't have to worry about a schedule or worry about upkeep on a house while we traveled. We also didn't have the financial burden of owning property while spending time and money on the road.
The negatives – most of our family, including half our grand kids, live in the Eastern Washington area. Traveling full time meant we wouldn't be there for holidays, birthdays and kids sporting events. Owning a home is the “American Dream”. It is supposed to help us build wealth as we age. Owning an RV is not a wealth building process. An RV and associated vehicles…

Mexico Border Towns....

When I was young my parents were smart enough to introduce us to "camping".  We started in a tent and moved up to a bumper pull travel trailer.  I've got a lot of fond memories of those fun filled weekends and summer travels.  Since my dad was a high school teacher he was very interested in history and made sure that we were able to experience history first-hand.

Dad would end the school year in June and then take a job teaching summer school to make some extra money so we could go out and explore.  My parents would break up the country into sections and we'd spend three to six weeks on the road visiting interesting places each summer.  One year we would visit the Washington, DC area, another we would visit the gulf coast, and so-on.  Before I graduated from high school I was proud to say I had visited 48 states, about a third of Canada and about half of Mexico - all in a travel trailer!  I remember sitting in history class and thinking to myself - "I remember t…

Already A Month....

We've been staying in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) now for a month and it seems like we arrived just yesterday!  We've met a lot of great people and have been welcomed since day one.  The problem, if you can call it that, is that when you make good friends on the road, eventually one of you moves on.  We experienced that first hand when we met Russ and Linda on New Years Eve.  They are originally from Texas and we seemed to have a bond as soon as we were introduced (it didn't hurt that Russ was wearing his cowboy hat!).  We discovered that we attended the same church and had many similar life experiences.  We stopped by their place on our daily walks and enjoyed each other's company.  The problem - they packed up and moved up to west Texas for a three month job with an oil company.  I'm sure we will see them again, but it seems there is a hole left in our daily routine.

Don't get me wrong....they aren't the only folks that we call friends since we've be…

Welcome to The Valley!

"The Valley", as the locals like to call it, is actually the Rio Grande Valley.  It sits in the very southern tip of Texas.  We arrived on Sunday the 30th and were immediately surrounded by the folks that had already established their presence here for the winter.  The locals call us "Winter Texans", and there are signs everywhere stating "Welcome Winter Texans!".  Not only do the Winter Texans bring in money, but they also bring caring folks that like to get involved in the community.  We discovered that many of our new neighbors volunteer in community organizations such as animal shelters, community centers and local food banks and shelters.

There are a number of RV parks in the area.  Most of the Winter Texans that we've met are from the upper mid-west and Canada.  The area is popular to those folks due to the mild winter temperatures and relatively short driving distance.  We've discovered that most winter travelers from the west coast like th…

Holiday Videos

This is our first winter traveling full time in our RV.  We stayed in Phoenix for a couple of weeks before traveling to Texas to spend Christmas with Jeremy, Rachelle and the kids.  While in Arizona we were very impressed with the way the snowbirds decorated their homes for the winter.  Evening after evening we took our walk and finally decided it might be fun to create a video of the beautiful decorated we did!

You can see it here.  
We also took a tour of the Desert Botanical Garden while in Arizona.  We didn't know what to expect, but we really enjoyed the tour.  They have thousands of twinkling lights and added LED lights synced to music to come up with a really nice display for the holidays.   We'll put that video up shortly after Christmas.

We traveled from the "dry heat" of Arizona to north Texas.  Christmas time can be hectic and crowded, and we found that to be true and magnified with more people and concrete!  Cars and people everywhere.  Thankf…

Spend Time With Your Kids and Create Your Pedigree

As mentioned before, traveling full time allows us to be with friends and family to celebrate different events.  This year we stayed in Spokane through Thanksgiving to allow us to visit with family during the holiday.  While celebrating at my parent's house I realized how much of an impact we have on our children.

My dad learned how to be a dad from his father.  In turn I saw how my father raised us as children and used those observations to raise my children.  My kids will take those memories and use them to raise their children....and so on.  With this in mind, it's important that we set a good example while raising our children.  Everything we say or do creates a memory in our children's minds and they will process it and use it as they become parents.  Do we make mistakes?  Of course....but the love and time spent with our children will create wonderful memories that they will pass on to their kids.
We live in an electronic age.  It's easy to use electronics to &qu…

Our Home Is Where We Park It

Living full time in an RV has it's challenges, but one of the benefits is being able to visit with family and friends that live all over the country.  We've been full time for more than 5 months and have been able to see friends in Boise and visit family in Texas.  We came back to Spokane for a planned long stay and have been able to celebrate birthdays and holidays as well as spend much enjoyed time with two of our grand kids.

The grand kids really don't understand what we're doing.  They still think we're going back to the ranch where they will come visit and create new memories.  They have been to our RV to visit and Kellie has been able to visit them at their house almost every week.  They will come to understand that this is grammy and papa's house...eventually.

The other benefit to traveling around is spending time with friends.  We took a side trip to Montana in July for some ATV adventures.  It was nice to be able to say "yes - we'd love to go&…